Changes Are Constent

Changing interests and focuses in our lives make life more interesting and FUN. With that in mind I have added a couple more blogs: Preschool Learning Adventure and Mama's Reading Nook both are linked to Primarily A Mama blog. This will stay as my main page, but the others you can access through the tabs above. I will make excerpt posts here for each post written on the other blogs and link them so you can just click and go. I hope this will help keep things better organized and clean looking for myself and all of you.

Disclaimer and Affiliates

All information shared on this blog, Primarily A Mama are for personal use, they were typed and shared in good faith. 

Even though I use many of the official Latter-Day Saint ideas and lesson ideas and I have added links, these being currant at the time of publishing, to as many as I can there may be some missing or broken links. This blog site is not endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

 All links were current when typed published. If you find a link that does not working please email my at

I take full responsibility for all spelling and grammar mistakes. I never have claimed at being good at spelling, so you will have to take it as you see it, or comment about a mistake you see. Just know that I may or may not fix the said mistake.

All pictures shown on this blog are my own pictures, taken by my camera, at no time may they be claimed as your own.

Mother Goose Time provides my family with free curriculum in exchange for weekly posts. Our experience is shared through social media to show other users or potential users of Mother Goose Time what a day with Mother Goose Time looks like. It is also used by the Mother Goose Time team as a way to see how their curriculum plays out in real world settings.
All opinions of Mother Goose Time are my own.

I am also an Educents and All About Learning affiliate. If an item is purchased through an affiliate link on my blog, I receive a portion of the profit. All opinions of products from Educents and All About Learning are my own.

If I receive any product for free in exchange for a review I will let you know on a blog post.

This Disclaimer and Affiliates  may be changed or added to at anytime by myself.  

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