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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Offices of the Priesthood

This month in the Come Follow Me, the monthly topic is  Priesthood and Priesthood Keys.

Seeing how I teach in the 12-13 year old class.  I have had to make some adjustments in how I go about teaching them.  Before the year started I thought about giving each youth in my class a notebook that they could write, draw thoughts, scriptures, notes from lessons.  I didn't do it and know half way through I am finally getting around to giving them out.  Being new to using the Come Follow Me program, I wanted time to get used to it and the way it is set up.  Well, a couple of youth were having issues in the class and as months went by it got worse and worse.

Back to the present.  So each youth has their notebook and when I told the students what this months theme was Priesthood and Priesthood Keys
I had one girl raise her hand and asked me to talk about the offices, rankings... of the Priesthood.  She "knows what the Priesthood is but how they rank she is not sure about"

I hate using Priesthood Ranks, since one office is no higher or better than another. They all work together in bringing about the Kingdom of God.

I made these Interactive Notebooks for them to glue into their notebooks.
Offices of the Aaronic Priesthood
We will use Topical Guide, Doctrine and Covenants 107, Handbook 2, Bishopric and other Priesthood holders in the ward, to find and fill out the information. 

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