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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wow! It has been forever since I last posted something.   I am working with Boy Scouts now, but so far haven't been functioning since we combine with another troop and they have male leaders.

This summer I am determined to do something useful with my boys.  We are going to start with First Aid sections.

Since I also have a daughter and this information is just as important for her as it is for the boys, she will be included in this activity. 

poison ivy
We are going to be doing research on poisonous plants.  There are the common ones, poison ivy, oak, and sumac.... but in my own research of plants native to my state, AZ, we have our fair share of poisonous native plants also.  Some were complete shockers to me.  I am sure each of you will have this same issue too.

Not only will my scouts research the common plants, but also I want them to research native plants that we will come into contact on a regular basis.

After they are done we will put them in there Scout Binders I have for them to keep.  We keep advancement records, project write ups, and anything they printed off for scouts.

This project will fulfill Tenderfoot 4b

Here are the booklets I made for my boys, if you would also like a copy for your own children.  I saved these in google docs, so they do look different than the pictures shown. Since google doc has different fonts they my computer has. Personally, if I hadn't already printed them off, I would use the one off google docs.   These pages were made in Landscape paper positioning.

There are two versions of the Cover one is solid and the other one is outlines so the boys or girls can add color: 

pages (copy back to back)

Do me a favor, I made and shared these out of the personal hope that someone out there can use this. Please don't claim that they are yours and send others a link to this blog if you would like to share.


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