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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Movement with Seahorses

I love preschoolers.  They have such a sweet, innocence, and truthfulness to them.  We were learning about Seahorse today.

Thinking Question

Q (Me):  "What is the difference between a seahorse and a horse?"
A (students):
  •   "Seahorse live in water, horses live on land."
  •   "Horses have legs, seahorses have fins"
  •   " Seahorses have pouches" (this came from the youngest of them)
  •    "Seahorses have tails......."
Me:  "And..... Horses have tails, so what makes them different?"
Student: (totally straight faced and serious, with a slight attitude): "Teacher, seahorses can move and hold onto things with their tails.  Horses can't, they use their legs."


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