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Friday, January 3, 2014

Comment Post - Family Spotlight

I had this comment come through from Mandy:

I love this idea - I am wondering how to present them. My question - do any of you have separate Jr. / Sr. Primary? How would you do this if you have some of the family in Jr and some in Sr? Any suggestions? I really want to do this in our primary. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

If anyone out there is using this Spotlight idea and you have separate Opening/Closing exercises in your Primary can you please share your ideas on using this.  

Personally, we changed and meet all together for opening exercises now.  I didn't like the redundancy, and it was hard on the bishopric when it was there turn to come in once a month.  Granted if our primary gets any bigger we will have to go back to the separating the Jr. from the Sr.

Sooo....  If you have ideas on how to implement this spotlight into  Primaries that have a Jr. and then a Sr. Block please share and I will add your comments to this post for others to see easily.     

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