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Changing interests and focuses in our lives make life more interesting and FUN. With that in mind I have added a couple more blogs: Preschool Learning Adventure and Mama's Reading Nook both are linked to Primarily A Mama blog. This will stay as my main page, but the others you can access through the tabs above. I will make excerpt posts here for each post written on the other blogs and link them so you can just click and go. I hope this will help keep things better organized and clean looking for myself and all of you.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Family Spotlight - Spanish

I am so sorry for being late with this.  I have been sick this past week and haven't felt like doing much.
Thank you Blonski Fam for helping with the translation for this.  Enjoy.  Again sorry it is late.  Don't forget to print on legal size paper.

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