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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2014 Family Spotlight

My ward has been doing children spotlights for years and frankly some years are better than others.  We wanted to keep the spotlights in Primary.  It is a good way to get to know the children and teachers.
With the announcement for Primary for 2014 - "Families Are Forever,"  we were excited and wanted to change the spotlight up a bit.  So we are going to spotlight families.

Each family will receive a smallish poster (legal sized paper) to fill in the information, then every month we will pick 1-2 families to spotlight.  I think it would be great, for the whole family to come into Primary, during opening exercises, and introduce their own family.  Our ward is very diverse in "family" make-ups and we feel that each child needs to know that their family is important and awesome no matter what it looks like. 
Our teachers and leaders will also be invited to be part of this. 

There are spaces that the family can put a photo or the children can draw a picture of their family.
We will then hang their poster on our bulletin board for the month.
The picture is also linked.  I have it saved as a google doc file.


  1. Hi, there! My name is Danielle and I live in Brazil. I loved the idea of a family spotlight! Would you mind making a portuguese version of your form? I could give you the translation. Thanks for sharing and hugs from Brazil!

  2. Do you read these out or do you get the child/ren to read it out... Do you get the kids to guess who the family is. Have not done this before, so am curious to know how you do it. Wonderful idea, thank you form Australia xx

  3. Donna - With the regular child spotlights I have done them both ways. Calling the child up and telling a few things about them, or asking them questions about themselves. Have done the guessing who the child is.
    With next year I was thinking of having each family fill out the poster and then, depending how many families we have, each month we will focus on two families that are part of our Primary. We will then hang their poster on our bulletin board for the month. Primary Teachers and Leaders will be involved with this also.

  4. This is a great idea,,, I am so excited to get this started in our ward! Thanks so much for sharing this

  5. Good Morning from Las Vegas! I serve as Primary President in the Laurelwood Ward. I absolutely love this idea. I was in search of a change, and this is perfect. Thanks for posting!

  6. You are amazing!! Like Dani- I am not in the US and would LOVE to have this in Spanish for my kids here. Is there any way you would be able to make one in Spanish with the translation? Thank you so much!!

  7. This is amazing and so much fun. I would love to use in with my primary. Would you be willing to make one in Spanish if I gave you the translation? Thank you.

  8. If someone would send me the translations in Spanish I would be happy to make the Spotlight post in Spanish.

  9. I love this idea - I am wondering how to present them. My question - do any of you have separate Jr. / Sr. Primary? How would you do this if you have some of the family in Jr and some in Sr? Any suggestions? I really want to do this in our primary. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  10. THANK YOU so much!! You are amazing. I cannot wait to hand these out tomorrow!!



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