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Friday, March 12, 2010

Prophets Testify of Jesus Christ - A Talk

A prophet is a man who is called by God. To tell us what God wants to say to us. He warns the people of danger and what to do to be happy. A prophet helps explain gospel principles so we can understand them.

Some of my favorite prophets are:

Adam - Was the first man and prophet on earth. He lived in the Garden of Eden, before he ate the forbidden fruit. After that he taught his children about Jesus Christ and how he would be sent as our Savior.

Enoch - Taught his people and they all lived righteously. Heavenly Father took the whole city to Heaven because the people repented of their sins and lived the way they where supposed too.

Noah - Preached to the people, but they would not listen to him. He build an ark, because Jesus warned him that a great flood would cover the world because of the wickedness. When the rains and flood came Noah and his family where safe in the ark.

Moses (scroll down to see the pictures of Moses we will be using) - Led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. He had a vision where he saw God in the Burning Bush. Moses also was given the ten commandments.

Isaiah - Prophesied about the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Many prophets in the scriptures quote Isaiah.

John the Baptist - Was born before Jesus and taught the people in Judea about Jesus. When Jesus started his ministry He came to John the Baptist and was baptized.

Lehi - Tried to warn the people in Jerusalem to repent or they would be destroyed or captured. The Lord told Lehi to take his family and leave Jerusalem. His family and a few other people were spared because of their righteousness. Lehi had the vision of the Tree of Life.

Nephi - Was the son of Lehi and was a righteous son. He had many visions of the Savior and his own people. He taught his family out of the scriptures and from the visions he had.

Abinadi - Preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to wicked King Noah and his people. Because he would not deny the gospel and the correct teaching he was burned.

Samuel the Lamanite - Prophesied to the Nephites, about the birth and death of Jesus Christ, along with the sings for both events. He also preached repentance. Many Nephites did not want to listen, but some did and were faithful.

Joseph Smith - Restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Latter-day. He translated the Book of Moron and all the keys of the priesthood from years past were restored to him.

Thomas S. Monson
- Is the prophet today. If we listen and do what he tells us we will be happy. General Conference will be in a few weeks, we can listen to President Monson, to see what Jesus and Heavenly Father want to tell us.


  1. just found your blog - you are a lifesaver!!

  2. To help teach about how Pres Monson encourages us to follow Jesus, I'm tying in his talk "What have I done for someone today" from last conference. I'm making tags for the kids with his face on it and the text below. We will follow up next week - read how good we've done and how it makes us feel to follow the prophet and how that makes us feel closer to Jesus.

    What Have I done for someone today?
    Return Next Sunday to Primary!



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