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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunbeam Class week 2

Here is my lesson summary for, the Sunbeam Class (Primary 1), Lesson 42: I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
I made it as a short outline, so that a parent could help their child give a short Family Home Evening lesson with.
(I put this on the first half of the page, landscape, 2 columns)

I Belong to the

Church of

Jesus Christ

of Latter-day Saints

(2nd half of the page)

Just like a puzzle piece, I am an important part of Jesus Christ's church.

We come to Church to learn about Jesus and what he wants us to do.

Here are 3 important parts of Jesus' church:

      1. Jesus' church has the priesthood.

        Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ share their power with righteous men on earth. Men who hold the priesthood can: bless and pass the sacrament, baptize and confirm, bless the sick, and other important things.

      2. Jesus' church has a prophet.

        Jesus Christ's church always has a prophet.

        Noah was a prophet, Nephi was a prophet, Joseph Smith was a prophet. Today, Thomas S. Monson is the prophet.

        Prophets tells us what Heavenly Father and and Jesus want us to know and do.

      3. Jesus' church has the scriptures

The scriptures contain the teachings of Heavenly Father and Jesus.

On the back side I printed just the outline of the church building puzzle found in the January 1990 "Friend". Print out the other page too, because the children need to place the shapes where they belong on the church.

Hope this helps someone. Plus if I post this it will get e closer to 100 posts, then.......(we shall see)

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