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Monday, November 2, 2009

My Family And I Can Serve Others. November 2009 week 2


Read aloud John 13:34. Heavenly Father wants us to love every one of his children, just as he wants us to love each member of our own families.

Time for the classes to have there part in Sharing Time. Pass out one or two situations to each class. Give the classes a few minutes to plan a little skit on how they could serve in that situation.

  • You are playing outside at school, and you see some children telling another child not to play in their game. They are mean to that child.
  • You are building a birdhouse in your backyard with your friends. Your little brother comes up and asks if he can help.
  • A new girl has moved in next door. She is from a different country and can’t speak your language very well. When she goes out to play, she looks lonely
  • There are toys all over the floor, the baby is crying, and your mother is trying to prepare supper.
  • The Bishop asks for help cleaning the church building next Saturday
  • You see an older man mowing his lawn. He looks tired and thirsty.
“Lesson 31: Jesus Christ Wants Us to Love Everyone,” Primary 3: Choose the Right B, (1994),150

If time allows retell the story of the "Good Samaritan" We can all be like the Samaritan. We don't have to do very big things, (it may not seem big to you, but it could be a huge deal to the other person) but it will be greatly appropriated by the person we serve.

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