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Friday, November 27, 2009

CTR 7 Class -- Fasting

I redid the paper strips.. There should only be three pages now.  Let me know if the new link is not working.  
Lesson 41: FASTING
Just can't quite leave Primary yet. I really don't mind though, I love the children.
This week I am subbing for our CTR 7 class, this weeks lesson will be on Fasting.

I want to present this in a way that the kids are filling like fasting is not some over whelming thing. So instead of just sitting down and talking to them about fasting and what it is. I want the children to help lead the discussions and help tell the stories.

Stories I used:
Jesus Fasting 40 days and 40 nights (Luke 4)
Esther (Esther3:8-15; 4-7)
Daniel in the Lions Den (Daniel 6 verse 18 talks about king Darius fasting for Daniel)
Conversion of Alma the Younger (Mosiah 27 the priest fasted and prayed)

Stories from the Primary 3B Manual:
Story About Phillip fasting for his father
Scripture Story: found in Mark 9:17-29
Farmer Story

***New and Improved***
Download Lesson Strips - Google Docs
There are four pages to the download sorry about the blank pages I tried to get rid of them but they keep popping up.

Other resources that I am using with this lesson:
Family Home Evening Resource Book, Lesson Ideas, "Fasting," 184
"Fasting," Gospel Principles, 165


  1. Thank you for your help. My kids will enjoying acting out Daniel.

  2. Thank you for the wordstrip handout.

  3. After I printed the word strips out I got the idea to make word strip books for each child by stapling all the word strips together so that they could take the questions and answers home with them. Thanks again.

  4. Love the strips. Just FYI - one of the strips currently says "bishop or BRACH president" instead of BRANCH. :)

  5. I redid the strips. I hope this works better for everyone.



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