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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Temple Blessings Unite Families. August 2009 week 4


Object Lesson: Start by showing the children a jar of marbles. Pretend that each marble is one family that has ever lived or will live on the earth. Hold on marble this represents your family, notice that marbles have different colors, and designs inside of them, those represent each member of the family. The glass casing represents a family that has been sealed together. What would happen if the outer casing was removed, marble would fall apart. (OK, I know, but go with the whole analogy idea). Just like the marble if a family isn’t sealed in the temple after we die our family could fall apart too, unless the work was done for us.

This idea will involve the whole group, at least that is the plan.
Have a child come to the front and hold his arms out. This is “Jimmy” (replace name with the child’s real name). He (She) has a mother and father, pick two more child to come up and hold “Jimmy’s” hands. Mother has parents (two more children) Father has parents (again two more children). Continue adding children until you form a line or circle around the area.
Now comes the fun part. Break the chain at two places, one on each side. One break could be three or four generations down the line. The other make either right before mother or father.

Make up a story to show that family history is still important no matter how long your family has been in the church or how much has already been done. There is still more to do.

One story could be that mother has parents who were members of the church but they had never been sealed together, so “Jimmy’s” mother is not sealed to her parents. They have both past away. What can the family do to help mother and her family be sealed together? (Go to the temple and have them sealed, after a year is over after the deaths)

Second story could be along the lines that father’s side has been members of the Church for a long time. “Jimmy” was doing some family history with his mother and father and found that great-great grandfather/mother (doesn’t matter) parents died right after the birth of great-great grandfather/mother. He/she was raised by an aunt, you don’t have the parents or their parents names (basically two generations of no names). What can we do to help seal this family together?
(Keep looking and researching for the names, get online and do searches contact other family members who might have the names or leads. After the names are found with dates and places we can go to the temple and have the family sealed)

End with the whole family line being sealed together.

I have attached a coloring page/handout for the children to take home.

* This Sharing Time is for Rachel who asked me to help her come up with an idea using a couple great ideas of her own. *


  1. Thanks for doing this! Hope all is well with you!!
    I have another sharing time I'm doing for this 5th Sunday on choosing role models/being good role models/how to make/be a good friend (school starts for us the 31st).
    If you want any info on it, for next year maybe, let me know.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these! I need all the ideas I can get for primary!

  3. Wow! The impact is great in a teenage sunday school classroom. As well for a family home evening. Thanks for takng the time to share.

    Widows gratitude.



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