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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Temple Blessings Unite Families. August 2009 week 2

A person comes to your door all dirty and smelly, speaks using bad words, and you don’t them. Would you or your parents let them into your house?

A person comes to your door looking nice, dressed well, speaks very well, and you don’t know them. Would you or your parents let them into your house?

A person comes to your house, they are dressed in clean clothes, speaks nicely and you know and trust the person. Would you and your parents let them come into your house?

Just like your parents and family, not every person who comes to your door is allowed into your house. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the same way when it comes to their house here on earth.
What is their house called? (The Temple)

Silvia H. Allred, first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency: “The temple is the house of the Lord. He directs the conditions under which it may be used, the ordinances that should be administered, and the standards that qualify us to enter. … Personal worthiness is an essential requirement to enjoy the blessings of the temple. We prepare by obeying the commandments and seeking to do God’s will” (“Holy Temples, Sacred Covenants,” Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2008, 113).

Every person who goes into the temple needs to prepare into go inside. Once you show you are worthy then you may enter into the temple.

** For this Sharing Time I am using the BIG legos , the ones for toddlers. (my children have them all over the house, your nurseries might have them too)**

On the Big Blocks you want to put the "Foundation Steps" Faith - Repentance - Baptism - Gift of Holy Ghost - Obedience

The long blocks and the square blocks I am going to be putting the rest of these labels, most of it will depend on how the words will fit. The little ones don't get anything they are they to make the stairs strong. Oh side note, the long single row blocks, some will not get a label, because they will be on the back row and won't be seen:

Faith in Jesus Christ
Gift of Holy Ghost

Attend Church
Partake of Sacrament
Temple Interviews (2x)
Be Kind
Pay Tithing
Read Scriptures
Obey Word of Wisdom
Be Honest
Forgive others
Honor Parents
Love Family
Keep Sabbath Day Holy
Clean Hands and Pure Heart
Love Others
Heed the Prophet
Do not take name of God in Vain
Keep commandments
Have no other god
Have a picture of the temple on the chalk board of the wall that the steps will led up to. Have the blocks labeled and either under the children's chairs or in a basket. Let them know that, "Today we are learning the 'Steps to Enter the Temple'"

This Sharing Time was inspired mostly from the the Ensign Article: The Steps to the Temple, by: Cheryl C. Lant Primary General President. You can find the link on the side bar under "Ensign Articles...."

Here is the final picture. Sorry I was so late on posting it.


  1. I love your ideas! Thay are great inspiration. Thanks

  2. Thanks so much! I'm using this for sharing time tomorrow. Great idea!

  3. Super cute idea! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I'm pretty new to primary and just found your blog. What a fun idea. Sure to get their attention and help the kids remember. :)



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