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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Will Strengthen My Family. June 2009 week 3


Object Lesson: Hold a bundle of sticks in your hand. Break one of the sticks in half. Tie all the sticks together with string. Show how difficult it is to break the sticks when they are tied together. Tell the children that the sticks represent members of a family. Emphasize that when we are alone we are not as strong as when we are with our family. Explain that family home evening can be like the string that unites and strengthens the family.
“Our Family Will Be Strong,” Cheryl Esplin. Friend, July 2009

Joseph F. Smith endorsed and announced a formal Family Home Evening worldwide in 1912. (The following link is the letter from Joseph F. Smith and his counselors to the church membership.)
“Family Home Evening: Counsel and a Promise,” Ensign, Jun 2003, 12

Since that time families around the world have held Family Home Evenings in their homes. This is a time of Gospel study and teaching, a time for the family to counsel one with another, and a time for the family to become stronger and more united.

There are many places to help find lessons if you are put in charge of the lesson part in you families Home Evening. You can use the Friend, Ensign, New Era, Primary Manuals, Relief Society/Priesthood manuals, FHE Resource Book, GAK or Gospel Art Book, "Behold Your Little One" (the new nursery manual is set up to make a very easy lessons for primary children to give), and most important use the Scriptures.

Let us practice a sample lesson you can give in your family.
The Friend for July 2009 suggests using the "First Vision"

Prepare a very simple lesson, a story from the scriptures or church history that the children could retell in their Family Home Evening.

Visuals are nice, but let the children know that if they don't have the GAK or Gospel Art Book, they could draw a picture themselves of the story they will tell.

*(I have so many ideas on this topic, I tried to make it as simple as possible)

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