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Monday, June 29, 2009

I Will Strengthen My Family. July 2009 week 1


Years ago when a knight wanted protection he would wear armor. Part of the armor for some knights was a shirt made of chain mail.
Just like knights of old,we can protect our families with a type of chain mail, called prayer.

Activity: For Jr. Primary hide the chain links around the room ad have children find them after they have found them all tape them around the poster of the family to form a protective "chain mail" armor. As you put the links up, talk about why this certain idea would strengthen the family.

For Sr. Primary - have children look up scripture references and read the scripture, then discuss how that scripture could help strengthen their family.

* the poster is of family is 16x21


  1. How do you recommend printing to a 16x20 poster size?

  2. Sorry I should have thought about that. My printer breaks it into four different pages. Let me see if I can break it up for you, then you can put the four pages together.

  3. Thanks for the great idea. I used the blank chains and put the GERMAN scriptures and words in.
    Greetings from Darmstadt, Germany.

  4. KM -I am really glad that you like the idea. Hope you have a great Sharing Time

  5. Thanks so much for your creative ideas. I am using it today!



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