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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baptism and Confirmation are Ordinances That Bless My Family. May 2009 week 4

This might be better for the Sr. Primary, but may work with the Jr. Primary as well.

This is a memory game, with a twist. A child come up to choose a match while the other children tell them which numbers to choose. A teacher (either the one presenting or an other of chose) is giving the correct answers. If the child chooses to listen to the teacher they will pick a correct match. If they listen to the rest of the child more than likely it well be wrong (try to get the children to call out wrong answers).

Have a number piece of paper on top of the words, describing the Holy Ghost. You can number these in any order you want. Just make sure your teacher has the correct answers.

3rd member of the Godhead
Spirit person
Spirit of Truth
Spirit of the Lord
Messenger of the Father and Son
Greatest gift to man

(All titles and roles of Holy ghost I found in Mormon Doctrine)

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