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Monday, April 20, 2009

Jesus Christ Made it Possible For Me to Live With My Heavenly Father Again. April 2009 week 3

When Jamie was born, the doctors knew right away that there was something wrong with his tiny body. They sadly told his mother and father that he would not live very long. But when Jamie’s mother was ready to go home from the hospital, Jamie was still alive. So Jamie went home with his mother.
The doctors said that Jamie’s brain was very damaged and that he would never even know whether anyone loved him or not. But Jamie did know. Each day he grew and responded a little bit more. Soon he began to smile at his family, and sometimes he would even laugh. Jamie’s family knew that he was a very special baby, and they loved him very much.
Jamie needed more care than most babies, but everyone in his family was glad to help care for him. Still, despite, all their loving care, Jamie grew weaker. Finally when he was nine months old, he died.
Jamie’s family was comforted because they knew that he would live again and that his little body would be made perfect. Their appreciation for the Savior and the Resurrection was greatly strengthened.
Jamie’s father and mother and brothers and sisters wanted to be with Jamie again, so they all tried hard to keep Heavenly Father’s commandments. Sometimes they made mistakes and did things that were wrong. Because of this, they wanted to repent, and the suffering that Jesus went through for their sins became very meaningful to them. They knew that as they truly repented, their sins would be forgiven and they could someday be with Jamie. They knew that all of them could live with Heavenly Father again.
Ask Family Members to name a few things about each family member that they love.

Show a Picture of Christ in Gethsemane. Jesus Christ did two things for all people. Can you tell me what they are?
First he suffered for our sins so that we may be forgiven if we repent.
Second, he had the power to live again after he died. We call this the Resurrection. Because Jesus was resurrected, all of the people who have ever lived on the earth will be resurrected too.
What is Resurrection? Because of the Fall of Adam and Eve, we are subject to physical death, which is the separation of the spirit from the body. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all people will be resurrected and saved from physical death (see 1 Corinthians 15:22). Resurrection is the reuniting of the spirit with the body in an immortal state, no longer subject to disease or death.

We call these two things that Christ did for us—his suffering for our sins and resurrection—the Atonement. Talk about the fact that sin and death are a part of mortal existence. They are part of the experience that we came to this earth to have. But we alone could not overcome the effects of either. For this reason our Heavenly Father planned to provide us with a Savior. Jesus lovingly gave us the gift of the Atonement so that we could return to our Father in Heaven and become like him.

Read John 13:34 A New Commandment I Give Unto You, That Ye Love One Another; As I Have Loved You, That Ye Also Love One Another.

Strive extra hard to bring the Spirit of Christ into your life and home. Remember the great sacrifices that Jesus made to give us the gift of the Atonement. Work extra hard to be unselfish and loving.

“Lesson Thirty-six: He Is Risen!,” Family Home Evening Resource Book, (1997),146

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