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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family Members Have Important Responsibilities. March 2009 week 3


This idea is going to be short, sorry. I am not feeling will, so I don't want an over the top sharing time.

Start by reading Ephesians 6:1-3 "Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth."

I will be playing a game. First, obtain a picture of a girl and a boy. I will then make enough copies of the heart and band-aid.
Make some situation cards with both examples of obeying parents and not obeying parents. Have children draw a card read it and determine if the child obeyed or disobeyed their parent. If they obeyed they get a heart on their picture (girls - girl; boys -boy). If the situation was disobeying they have to put a band-aid on the picture. If the situation was a disobedient one have the child think of a way they could rectify the situation.
Here are the situations that I came up with. Have the children read the situation then you read the Result after they decide if they obeyed or disobeyed. (as a side note, especially with the younger children. Let them know that this situations are pretend for today, and they didn't actually do them - Even though these situations are based on real situations.):
  • Mom asked you if you had finished your homework and you lied to her.
    Result: You got a bad grade in school and mom found out you had been ling to her the whole semester about finishing your homework. You have been ground until you grade goes up. No TV, NO playing with friends, NO video games. You also have to show all your homework to your parents before bed.
  • Dad asked you to get a lesson ready for Family Home Evening, you prepared all week and gave a great lesson.
    Result: Your family learned more about the Savior and His love for each of us.
  • You where walking/running with your family outside. Mom saw a car and yelled at you to stop. You didn’t.
    Result: Luck for you the driver also saw you running. They had to slam on their brakes and missed hitting you. Everyone was shaken up.
  • Mom asked you to help with dinner. Joyfully set the table, and helped make the dinner rolls.
    Result: Mom slipped an extra scoop of ice cream in your bowl at dessert time. She was also was in a good mood the rest of the evening. You felt great inside too.
  • You and your sister where jumping on the bed. Which is against one of the rules in your house, You fell off and hurt your arm.
    Result: You ended up having to go to the hospital and now have to wear a cast on your arm, since it is now broken.
  • Dad told you to clean up your room. Your brother helped and your room was cleaned in less than on hour.
    Result: You could play with your friends outside on Saturday. On Monday you where on time for school, because you knew where everything was.
  • Mom and dad where going to meet a new family that moved in. You wanted to play your video game, and threw a fit.
    Result: You missed out in making a new friend that liked doing the same things you did. Mom and dad took your game system away for two weeks also.
  • You know that you should use bad words. Your friend was over at your house playing and starting saying bad words. You told your friend that in your home those words are not said.
    Result: Mom and dad both gave you praise for standing up to your friend. Your friend also went with you to the Primary Activity and had a great time.
  • There is a drawer n the kitchen that you are not allowed to get into. One day you took three sharp knifes out of the drawer and hid them in your room.
    Result: Your little sister found them and got cut. You got into loads of trouble to when mom found the knifes
  • Both your mom and dad where working on a home project. Your sister started to cry for attention. You went and played with her, without your parents asking you.
    Result: Come to find out your parents where working on a new bed for you and your brother. Because you helped your sister they could finish it up.
  • Mom asked you to help clean up the front room. Not only did you pick up your toys and clothes, but you also got the mop out and mopped up some sticky parts on the floor.
    Result: When mom saw mopping she was happily surprised and praised you for the good job you had done.
  • You where throwing a ball in the house, even after mom told you to take it outside.
    Result: You broke one of your mom’s favorite crystal serving bowl. Your allowance has been taken away until the bowl is paid for. You ball now belongs to dad, and you feel horrible for not listening to mom in the first place.
  • You bite your brother. When mom told you to go to the corner you ran outside to play.
    Result: You got more minutes added to your time out and lost all treats for the day. Your brother also didn’t want to play with you, which made you sad.
  • Dad told you that after school you where going with him to help grandpa clean his yard up. You came home on time and got ready to go.
    Result: You got to spend alone time with dad and grandpa. You heard some new stories from both your dad and grandpa from when they growing up. They weren’t any different form you. Grandpa’s yard looked great. You where full of pride for a joy well done.
  • Dad told you to stay away from the computer for a couple of days. You played computer a game anyway.
    Result: First off Dad got really mad at you when he saw you didn’t listen. Second, you accidentally pushed a button and the project dad was working for work disappeared. Dad had to start all over with the project and his boss got made at him for not getting it done on time. You felt horrible for getting dad in to trouble at work, knowing it was your fault.
  • Mom asked everyone to be nice today. You really tried to have a positive attitude.
    Result: That day was the best day for your family. Everyone worked and played together happily. Mom and dad both where more happy. You felt great for being positive all day.
  • It was your turn to do the dishes. You didn’t do them.
    Result: Mom woke you up early the next day to get the dishes done, since there wasn’t any clean dishes to eat off of. It also took twice as long because the food was stuck to the plates.
  • Dad called the family for scripture study. You where prepared and came on time.
    Result: you felt great for listening and obeying dad the first time. You also got to read your favorite scripture story.


  1. Thank you so much. I already had a sharing time prepared but decided to incorporate your idea also. I love it!

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