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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Love My Savior, Jesus Christ, and His Restored Gospel. December 2008 week 4


Scripture: I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. John 8:12

Purpose: Help family members follow Jesus’ example when they make their daily decisions.

For The Parent: In this lesson you will review some of the attributes possessed by Jesus that you and your family would want to acquire to become more like him and our Heavenly Father. You can teach each other the habit of asking “What would the Lord have me do?” as you make your daily decisions.

Preparation: Prepare for the activity that will take place in the darkness or with the use of a blindfold.

What Is an Example? These suggestions work best with young children.
Play “Do as I Do.” Each member of the family takes a turn as leader. The leader stands in front of the others and performs some action. The rest of the group then imitates his actions. Parents or the one conducting the family home evening may want to be leader after the others have had a turn so they can introduce a few examples of reverent behavior for the others to follow, such as folding arms or kneeling as if for prayer.
Discuss the idea of using Jesus as our example.

“I Am the Light of the World”
Turn out all the lights in the house, or use a blindfold if it is still light. Ask one of the family members to perform a difficult task, such as writing a sentence on a piece of paper or finding several household items and putting them in one place. Then turn on the lights or remove the blindfold, and show how easily the same task can be done in the light.
Have a family member read aloud John 8:12.
How is Jesus the Light of the World? (He is the one who lights our way.)
• How does he give us light? (He gave us his example and teachings.)
• Why is it easier to make the right decisions with the aid of Jesus’ light? (His examples and teachings light the way for us. We can see the paths we should take more clearly.)

Jesus Gave Us His Example
What are some of the things for which Jesus has given us his example, things that apply to our own lives?
Direct your discussion according to the needs of your family. Following are some examples:
1. He showed us the way to be baptized (Matthew 3:13–17). (GAK 208)
2. He loved little children (Mark 10:13–16). (GAK 216)
3. He helped the sick and the handicapped (Mark 6:53–56, 7:31–35). (GAK 213)
4. He was kind (John 4:6–10). (GAK 226)
5. He did not get angry with those who offended him (Matthew 27:29–31). (GAK 228)
6. He forgave those who were cruel to him (Luke 23:34). (GAK 230)
7. He showed us how to pray (Matthew 6:5–13). (GAK 227)
8. He taught the importance of truth (John 8:32).
9. He resisted all temptation (Matthew 4:2–10).
In your discussion, show how Jesus always chose to do the will of the Father. He exemplified the principle of love toward others.

Tell on or both of the following stories, and ask family members to listen for ways Kaye and John could use Jesus’ example:

Kaye’s Decision
Ten-year-old Kaye stayed home while her mother went to buy food for the family. Her mother had asked her to clean up her room and to practice her violin.
Kaye quickly cleaned up her room. Then without thinking, she turned on the television. The program that was on interested her very much.
“I am supposed to practice my violin,” thought Kaye. “But I don’t like to practice. Besides, I want to watch this show.”
She was tempted to watch the front yard to see when her mother would arrive home. Then when her mother came, Kaye could quickly turn off the television, take out the violin, and make it look like she was practicing.
• How would the example of Jesus’ resisting Satan’s temptations help Kaye with her temptation?
• What would the Lord want Kaye to do now?

John Was Happy
John was on his way to school. He was hurrying because he wanted to have fun playing before school began. He passed Jenny. She was on her tricycle. But she was not riding. She was just sitting there. Jenny was only three, and John was six.
John said, “Hello, Jenny.” Then he saw that Jenny was crying. John stopped. “What is the matter, Jenny?” he asked.
“I can’t find my house,” Jenny cried. John knew where Jenny’s house was, but if he stopped to take her home, he wouldn’t get to school in time to play.

• What would you do if you were John?
• What would the Lord want John to do?

John didn’t want to stop, but when he saw the tears on Jenny’s face, he couldn’t leave her there lost. He said, “Don’t cry anymore, Jenny. I’ll take you home.” He helped her turn her tricycle in the right direction and walked beside her. Jenny stopped crying. When she saw her house, she looked happy.

• How do you think John felt?
• How do you think he would have felt if he had left Jenny crying and had gone to school in time to play?

What Would Jesus Have Me Do?
Bring up some positive examples in your home during the day or the week when stopping to follow Jesus’ example
During the week, compliment each family member on how well he is doing. Keep the discussion positive.
For decisions between right and wrong, we should ask ourselves, “What would the Lord have me do?”
• How could you be reminded to ask yourselves this important question during the week?

“Lesson Twelve: Jesus Is My Example,” Family Home Evening Resource Book, (1997),48

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