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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Love My Savior, Jesus Christ, and His Restored Gospel. December 2008, week 1

The Prophets foretold Jesus Christ would come to earth.

I am planning on four brethren in my ward to come into primary and telling the children about their prophecy of the birth of Jesus Christ (first person). I am basing their scripts from the scripture stories.

1) Isaiah
Hello I am Isaiah, I am a prophet of God. My father’s name is Amoz. I was a prophet of Israel in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah. I lived 740 years before the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ was born.
I prophesied that Immanuel would be born and a virgin (or a pure, unmarried woman) would be His mother.
I also prophesied that Jesus would be called "Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace", and that He would rule over all the earth. Isaiah 1,7, 9

2) Samuel the Lamanite
Hello, I am Samuel the Lamanite. I lived in the America and I was a prophet before Jesus Christ was born. The Laminates were growing very strong in the gospel, and we had strong testimonies. We tried to follow Christ commands as best as we could.
About five years before the Messiah’s birth in Jerusalem, I was sent in Zarahemla, prophesying to the Nephites and asking them to repent of their wicked ways. At that time the Nephites where not following the commandments of God, and were becoming very wicked. I was in Zarahemla for a few days spreading the gospel of repentance when I was kicked out of the city. I was on my way back home when the voice of the Lord came to me and told me to go back and tell the Nephites the words that would come.
I climbed up a city wall. Began telling the people of Zarahemla that the Lord was not happy with them, because they have forgotten him, that they needed to repent, and begin living the gospel again.
I then told them that in five years time the Son of God would be born. That there would be signs to look for, like 2 nights and 1 day of light, a new star would shine, and many other signs in the sky could be seen.
I then told them about his death and the signs to look for.
I really hope some of the Nephites remembered who they where and converted back to the gospel. I really don’t know what happened to them since some of the more wicked Nephites started throwing stones and shooting arrows at me. I had to jump off the wall and run home.
I looked forward to the day that the Savior of the World was born into the world. Helaman 13-15

3) Nephi
Hello, I am the Nephite prophet Nephi. My father was Lehi, my family and I sailed to the promised land from Jerusalem. My father, Lehi, had received the vision of the Tree of Life. He told the rest of the family what he had seen in his vision, including a prophesy of great prophet who would be born among the Jews. I wanted to know for myself the truth of my father’s vision, so I went into the mountains to pray about it. An angel came to me and explained the different part of the vision to me. Then the most wonderful experience happened to me. The angel showed me the city of Jerusalem and other cities around it. In the city of Nazareth I saw a woman, who was a virgin, pure and white also beautiful more beautiful than those around her. The angel explained to me that she was the going to be the mother of the Son of God, the Redeemer of the World.
In the same vision I saw a prophet preparing the way for him.
1 Nephi 10 and 1 Nephi 11

4) John the Baptist
Hello, I am John the Baptist. My parents are Zacharias and Elizabeth (whose is a cousin to Mary). My mother was carrying me at the same time Mary was carrying Jesus. I was born just a few moths before Jesus was. Jesus Christ is my cousin. I spent most of my life in the wilderness of Judea, Where I wore clothes made of camel's hair and a leather belt around his waist. He ate locusts and wild honey.
When I was old enough I began preaching and baptizing people for the remission of sins (for I held the Priesthood of Aaron).
My mission in life as to prepare the people for the coming of the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ. I even baptized Jesus in the Jordan River, but only he could cleans with the Holy Ghost and fire.
John 3:28, Luke 3:16, Matthew 3
When our "Prophets" are done with their presentation, we will go over some of the signs of the birth of Christ.
Talk about how the people of his time prepared themselves for his birth.
What we need to do to be prepared for his second coming
There are quite a few prophets who prophesied of the birth of Christ. If time allows I might go of them.
Next week we will talk about the signs and how they were fulfilled when Christ was born.


  1. Thanks for the sharing time idea. It has helped a ton!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the idea! I love it!

  3. Thanks for the idea. I'm using it for sharing time on Sunday and I'm going to have kids hold a picture and/or dress up as the prophet while I read in Jr and have the kids read the parts in Sr. Thanks again!



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