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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can pray to Heavenly Father, and He will hear and answer and answer my prayers. September 2008, week 3


It was Saturday morning and daddy was home but he had brought home some work to do. He went into a quiet room to be alone to work.
**Soon one of his children, a small boy, came in and asked his father for money to buy a boat to sail on a rain puddle. The father took time to explain that 2 days earlier, the boy had received his allowance with the understanding it was to take care of such wants. The boy went away.
**Then his little girl came in limping and crying. She had hurt her leg and needed her father to kiss the owies away. He did and she ran back to play.
**Then big sister came in. She needed help with her homework. The father gave her some
suggestions she needed but didn't do the work for her. A few minutes later, she came back and thanked him, because his idea worked.
**The next interruption was from a teenage boy who came to learn what work his dad had for him to do. He received his directions and went purposefully to his job.
**Finally the littlest child arrived. What do
you need? asked the father. I don't need anything said the boy, I just want to be with you. Discuss how this can be compared with prayer.
Lesson Seven: Heavenly Father Answers Our Prayers,” Family Home Evening Resource Book, (1997),27

Just like the father in this story, Heavenly Father will take the time to help us and talk to us when we come to him in prayer.

Let's find out how Heavenly Father answers are prayers from the story that was just told.

1) With the first boy that wanted money, what was the answer the father gave? (No) Why? (he already got his allowance earlier that week)

2) When the girl with the owie came in what did the father do? (He stopped and comforted and kissed her owie.)

3) When the older daughter came in what did she ask? (help with homework) How did her father help? (he explained how to do the problems, but made her work them out)

4) How did the father help his teenage son? (He gave him directions on work that needed to be done)

5) What did the littlest boy need (Nothing, just wanted to me with his father) Do you think the Father enjoyed that?

Heavenly Father will help and answer our prayers when we come to Him, sometimes the answer is NO sometimes it is YES, sometimes it is WAIT. When we need comfort when we are feeling sad or scared, we can pray to Heavenly Father and he will help us feel better and stronger. Sometimes we need help in order to do a job. He will also give us direction when we need it, but we have to do the work to get the blessings. Just like the daughter that received help on her homework, we need to return to Heavenly Father and thank him for the help and blessings He gives us.
Just like our parents here on earth Heavenly Father likes us to just to talk or spend time to Him. He will not shoo us out of the room.

We can pray to Heavenly Father to thank Him for many things, to ask Him for blessings, comfort or help. Take some time just to kneel down and talk to him, like you would your mom and dad.

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