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Monday, June 23, 2008

The temple is a blessing to me and my family. June 2008 week 4

This is the sharing time that our Sunbeam class did in church. It was a great sharing time. Way to Go!


(Show picture of temple)

We've been talking about the temple this month. Today we are going to learn about 3 things to help us to someday be worthy to enter the temple.

  1. Reverence
  2. Dressing Modestly
  3. Speaking Kindly
What is reverence?
(Game) - Show pictures and you guess if they are reverent actions or irreverent actions.


Reverence is more than just sitting quietly. It's
  • Thinking of Heavenly Father
  • Getting a good feeling when you think of His blessings
  • When I am reverent it shows in my words and deeds:

I listen to my teachers

I try to help people

I am nice to everyone

When you are reverent, you know in your heart Heavenly Father and Jesus are near.

2. Dress Modestly
Heavenly Father gave you a sacred creation - each of us has it. Do you know what it is? A Body.
It is a gift from God, and we are to respect it.
So, one way we can show respect for our bodies so we can someday be worthy to enter the temple is to always dress modestly.

What is modesty?

The way we dress and our cleanliness shows the Lord that we know how precious our body is.
The way we dress is a reflection of what you are inside.
Also, when we dress modestly the Holy Ghost is with you ad you can be a good influence on those around you.

(show picture of Dallin H. Oaks)

Elder Dallin H. Oaks - "When we go to worship in the temple or a church, we put aside our work cloths and dress ourselves in something better. This change of clothing is a mark of respect. "

Game (Friend, February 2007, 24-27): Antonio and Ella -are learning about the importance of modesty and what kind of clothing is appropriate to wear for different activities.

For instance, would you go to a warm beach wearing snow boots?

Would you get ready for your soccer game by putting on pajamas?

There are certain times when you would wear those clothes—like when you are building a snowman or going to bed.

As they think about all the things they need to do, they remember to wear their best clothes when they go to church on Sunday.

Let's help Antonio and Ella choose the right clothes for these activities:
School -- Play sports -- Go to bed -- Play at the beach -- Church

When you get cleaned up for Sunday and put on your best clothes, how do you feel? Do you feel clean and pure inside? Do you feel like you are a special child of God?

You are showing respect for the body Heavenly Father gave you by dressing modestly.

3. Speak Kindly

Another way we can prepare to be worthy to enter the temple is to speak kindly.

We should always speak kind words to each other. We should speak words that will build up and strengthen our family members and friends and make them feel good.

What are some of the words you can say to your friends and family that would be kind? Thank You -- Please -- You Did Great! -- May I help you?

Do you say garbage can words or cuss? Is that speaking kindly to someone, or speaking nicely about someone?

How do we use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? Some people make the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ into cuss words, which isn't nice.

The names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are sacred, and we should speak reverently about them.

(Story of Jayson (Friend 2007, 28-30))

(1) Jayson slumped in his seat. “This is so boring,” he thought. “I’m too old for Primary.” He looked around at the other children. Some were smiling or nodding. They actually looked interested in what Sister Simmons was saying. “How could anyone enjoy this?” he thought glumly.
For several months Jayson had dreaded Primary. He didn’t mind class so much; his teacher involved everyone with fun lessons. But singing and sharing time just weren’t interesting anymore. The lessons were for younger children, and the songs he used to love now seemed childish.
Jayson had talked with Mom about the problem. She told him that Primary was for everyone and that if he tried hard to listen, there would always be something just for him. Mom was almost never wrong, but this must be an exception.
He glanced at the clock—still 20 minutes to go. He started looking for ways to make the time speed up. He folded up his class handout. Pretty soon he started swinging his feet back and forth.

(2) Just as he was about to see how long he could hold his breath, Jayson heard something amazing. “I made a big mistake,” Sister Simmons said.
“Well, this is new,” Jayson thought. “Teachers don’t talk about their mistakes.”
“When I was 12 years old I had some friends who used bad language,” Sister Simmons said, “and I noticed that whenever I got mad a swear word would pop into my head. I wasn’t worried, because I knew that I wouldn’t actually say the words. But one day I got mad during recess and took the Lord’s name in vain. I felt so sad! I couldn’t believe that I had crossed the line between words in my head and words in my mouth.”
Jayson sat up straight, the clock forgotten. Sister Simmons told how she had talked with her parents that night and asked her father for a priesthood blessing. The bad words didn’t go away immediately, but as she crowded them out with good thoughts, they came less often. After a while, they went away completely.
Jayson couldn’t believe it! He had been having exactly the same problem. Lots of his friends at school swore, and cuss words always seemed to be floating around in his head. Just the other day he had called a boy a bad name for kicking a ball over the school fence. He felt terrible afterward! But he didn’t have the courage to ask his parents for help. He was afraid they would forbid him from hanging out with his friends.
(3) Sitting there in Primary, he suddenly stopped being afraid. Sister Simmons had faced the problem, and so could he. Her parents had understood, and so would his. Maybe he could even get a blessing from his dad, just like Sister Simmons had. A happy feeling came over him, and he felt better than he had in weeks.
The next thing he knew, the closing prayer was being said, and all the other children were leaving the Primary room. Jayson sat thinking a few moments, then slowly got to his feet. He noticed that Sister Simmons was giving him a worried look. “Are you OK?” she asked.
Jayson grinned. “I’m great actually, and my mom was right as usual. Primary really does have something for everybody—if you just keep listening.”

Jayson learned how he could stop saying bad words, and learned now he speak the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with respect.

Conclusion: What are the 3 things we learned today that will help us be worthy to someday go to the temple?
1. Be Reverent
2. Dress Modestly
3. Speak Kindly

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