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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ensign, July 2006, 73 - Random Sampler

“Get your wagon ready!” I imagine pioneer leaders called out. Years ago my father helped our family re-create our own version of a pioneer experience—right in the living room. First my dad laid boards on the floor about the size of a covered wagon. (You could also spread blankets or use other items for a similar effect.) He then loaded containers of water, food, blankets, family history records, and other necessities. With our wagon almost ready, he instructed that we each had five minutes to choose three items to place on our confined space. When we were ready, Dad asked us to tell why we had made our selections. I remember choosing my journal and gifts from family and friends—all items that had great sentimental value to me.
To enhance this activity, perhaps your family has a pioneer heritage story you could tell. Or you might select one from Church magazine articles, available at As you reflect upon the pioneers’ sacrifices, you can focus on what’s most important in your own life. Our “wagon” experience taught me that most worldly possessions can be left behind at a moment’s notice, but we need our family and the gospel for our eternal journey.
Rachel Harper Holloway, Utah

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