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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The temple is a blessing to me and my family. June 2008 week 1

* I added the Temple Music Video I made and showed at the end of Sharing Time*
This is my Sharing Time that I will do in primary, just put into a Family Home Evening Lesson


Scripture: "And very I say unto you, let this house be built unto my name, that I may reveal mine ordinances therein unto my people" (Doctrine and Covenant 124:40)

Song: I Love to See the Temple, (CS, 95)

Lesson: Find pictures of as many temples as you can and show the family the different types.

Temples are a blessing to you and to your family. There are more than 120 temples all over the world. Do you know the name of the temple closest to you? Is there a picture of a temple in your home? Has someone in your family been to the temple to make sacred covenants?
The Primary song "I Love to See the Temple" (Children's Songbook, 95) teaches that a temple is "a house of God, a place of love and beauty." It also teaches that a temple is "a holy place where we are sealed together." The next time you sing this song, listen for the words "I'm going there someday." This is a promise you are making to yourself and to Heavenly Father that you will be worthy to enter His holy house.

(I took a picture of the Mesa, Arizona Temple, and cut it up into "building blocks" and put the scripture/prepreations on the back)

Discuss things we must do to prepare to enter the temple. Most are things we do every day, but we must work hard to not slip into bad habits. Read the scriptures to find the things we must do. The italic sentences come from My Gospel Standards, found in the Faith in God pamphlet for primary.

* 1 Corinthians 3:16–17 Remember—you are a temple of God.
I will live now to be worthy to go to the temple and do my part to have an eternal family.

* Articles of Faith 1:4 Obey the first principles of the gospel.
I will remember my baptismal covenant and listen to the Holy Ghost.

* Psalm 24:3–4 Have clean hands and a pure heart.

* Exodus 20:15 Do not steal.

* Malachi 3:10 Pay tithing.

* Matthew 6:14–15 Forgive others.

* John 13:34-35 Love one another.

* Alma 53:20 Be true at all times.
I will be honest with Heavenly Father, others, and myself.

* D&C 21: 1, 4 Heed the prophet.

* Exodus 20:12 Honor your father and mother.
I will honor my parents and do my part to strengthen my family.

*Exodus 20:7 Do not take the name of God in vain.
I will use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ reverently. I will not swear or use crude words.

* D&C 88:63 Draw near to the Lord: seek, ask, knock.

* Mosiah 2:22 Keep the commandments.
I will choose the right. I know I can repent when I make a mistake.

* D&C 59: 9-10 Keep the Sabbath Day holy.
I will do those things on the Sabbath that will help me feel close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

* D&C 89: 7-9 Obey the Word of Wisdom.
I will keep my mind and body sacred and pure, and I will not partake of things that are harmful to me.

* 1 Nephi 3:7 Do what the Lord commands.
I will follow Heavenly Father's plan for me.

* Exodus 20:3 Have no other gods.

* 3 Nephi 14:12 Be kind.
I will seek good friends and treat others kindly.

* I will dress modestly to show respect for Heavenly Father and myself.

* I will only read and watch things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.

* I will only listen to music that is pleasing to Heavenly Father.

Sharing Time: A House of God, By Vicki F. Matsumori Friend, Mar. 2002, 46 and
Sharing Time: I'll Prepare Myself While I Am YoungBy Linda Christensen Friend, June 2008


  1. What a great idea. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  2. You are so talented and I thought SHaring Time was great today. I admire you.



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