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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Temple is a Blessing to me and my Family. June 2008 week 2

I made cards for each child that look similar to the one at right. Before church I will pass them out to as many children as I can. Telling them that they should keep good care of the card because we will using it in sharing time. I will pass the rest out before Primary to the rest of the children, telling them the same thing.
As I start sharing time I will ask for the cards back and if all the card are returned ("paying tithing") The class will receive a bucket of blocks to design and build their own Temple of the Lord. I will have three block that they will have to add also, a room for baptisms for the dead, a room for teaching, and a room for weddings.
For the children who lost their cards. The class has to decide if they will forgive them and let them help or if they should sit out and watch. For the children that sit out we will try to memorize Doctrine and Covenants 97:10-12. "Verily I say unto you, that it is my will that a house should be built unto me in the land of Zion, like unto the pattern which I have given you. Yea, let it be built speedily, by the tithing of my people. Behold, this is the tithing and the sacrifice which I, the Lord, require at their hands, that there may be a house built unto me for the salvation of Zion—"
I will be taking for granted that the children in primary will not lose the cards and all will be able to participate.
This idea was taken from the 2008 primary display in Salt Lake City, in the Primary Building. (sister and parents saw it and told me about it)


  1. What a great resource!
    You're So organized!

  2. This was an awesome idea. I used it and the kids loved it. Thanks for sharing!



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