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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Families in the scriptures teach me how I can strengthen my family. May 2008 wk1

Armor of the Family

Shield = Prayer (Enos and Alma the Younger)
Belt = Work/Service (Jesus and Joseph)
Breast plate = Love/Respect (Ruth and Naomi)
Sword = Communication (Nephi and Lehi)
Shoes = Gospel Teaching (Adam and Eve)
Helmet = Play/Traditions (Joseph Smith and Children)

FHE based on May 2008 Primary Theme
Heavenly Father planned for me to come. I can strengthen my family now.

Families in the scriptures teach me how I can strengthen my Family

Scripture: “The family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” (“Proclamation,” paragraph 1)

Song: Home (CS, 192)

Lesson: Families in the scriptures teach me how I can strengthen my Family
(Note for parents: For sharing time I took armor to show how the different lessons families in the scriptures taught us can “strengthen” our family now. I used the description on the back of the Gospel Art Kit pictures. There are other families in the scriptures that you can discuss also)

Teach the Gospel - Adam and Eve - taught the gospel to their families. Moses 5
Pray - Enos (Enos 1), his father taught Enos that if you want blessings pray for them and Heavenly Father will answer.
Alma the Younger (Mosiah 27) - His parents and other church members prayed for a change of heart for Alma the Younger.
We can pray for our family members when they need help.
Love and Respect - Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1-4). Ruth love her mother-in-law so much that Ruth wanted to be with Naomi through the good and bad times.
Communication - Nephi and Lehi ( 1 Nephi 2, 16:17-24) Nephi would go to his father and ask advise on how things (story of broken bow) needed to be done. Lehi would also talk to his children about his expectation of them
Work and Service - Joseph and Jesus. Joseph was a wood carver. Jesus probably learn wood working and probably had his chores to do around the house. Jesus love to help those around him. He healed and talked to many people during His ministry.
Play and Traditions - (I focused on Play) Joseph Smith loved children and played with them as often as he could.
As we “play” and do activities with our family we get to know and bond with members of our family.

Discuss different ways, and what the family could do, to strengthen each other.

*These articles can help plan future F.H.E. about strengthening families
Ezra Taft Benson, “Counsel to the Saints,” Ensign, Aug 1993, 2
Thomas S. Monson, “Hallmarks of a Happy Home,” Ensign, Oct 2001, 2–8

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