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Friday, May 16, 2008

Jesus Christ loves me. Because of His Atonement I can live with Heavenly Father again. March 2008 wk 2

* Younger children where fascinated*


I fixed up a table with a white decorative table cloth, two fine drinking goblets, and a basket full of Easter eggs.

Inside each egg was a situation from below (to make it easier chose one color to be bad chooses, the rest make the different colors). I also had the steps of repentance in six different eggs which I handed to the teachers. After 2 bad eggs I would have one of the steps read (go in order)

I used this activity when a "bad choice egg" was chosen I placed one drop of food coloring in the liquid:
(from Objects Used/Preparation: goblet, half full of water and vinegar (helps bleach work better),
Food coloring (I used red). Bleach

Lesson: 1. Show a goblet of water and vinegar. 2. Then add a couple of drops of food coloring to the water. 3. Now pour bleach in the bottle, which will turn the water clear again.

Lesson Application: 1. We come to this earth sinless. 2. As we progress, each of us sins and it marks our souls. 3. However, through repentance our souls can become clean again.

If you put vinegar in the water before you add food coloring, the bleach works better.

Here is what you do. You start with clean water and you put a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in it first.Then you add the food coloring to the water to represent sin or mistakes. Then you add some bleach, and POOF! The water turns back clear again just like that. (repentance, atonement, etc.)

Bad Choices

1. You broke a vase and told your mom that your baby brother did it.

2. You had a week to study for math test. You didn’t, and you cheated off the girl that sits next to you.

3. When your parents asked you to clean your room you went in and just played with your toys.

4. When playing basketball with your friends you saw and starting laughing and making fun of a neighborhood boy

5. You decided not to go to church went to a baseball game instead

6. Hit and kick your sister when she makes you mad.

7. Your dad overheard you talking to your friends. You were using bad words.

8. When playing at your friends house you liked one of their toys, and you took it home with you.

9. When your mom was checking out of the store you put some candy in your pockets.

10. Mom made a cake for dessert, you ate it after school, then lied about when she asked you.

Good Choices

1. Your brother wants a book read to him, you read it, because your mom is busy fixing dinner.

2. Grandma has a bad cold you make her a get well card.

3. You go with your dad and help pull weeds out of a neighbor yard.

4. There is a neighborhood boy that doesn’t have any friends, you invite him over to play.

5. You pay your tithing after you get your allowance.

6. Your friends are using bad words, you tell them to stop.

7. You let your sister play with your favorite toy.

8. Mom is really busy with cleaning house, taking care of the baby and making dinner. You set the table then take out the trash without being asked.

9. You go to church with a good attitude and participate in primary.

10. You told your mom the truth, even though you knew you would get into trouble.

Feel sorry
Pray and ask for forgiveness
Right the wrong
Don’t repeat the wrong
Admit I did wrong

(Make these into large strips to put on board as the step is read)
Steps to Repentance:
Feel sorry
Pray and ask for forgiveness
Right the wrong
Don’t repeat the wrong
Admit I did wrong

I also had pictures from Gospel Art Kit that I felt went along with the steps on the board.

I had two larger water bottles.

One with a picture of children on it with "Our Own Efforts" (Containing water)

One with an picture of Christ on it with Atonement of Christ written on it (Contained the bleach)

We need to become clean to live with Heavenly Father again through our own efforts we don't make it, but if we partake of the Atonement of Christ we become clean.

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